F-16C BLOCK 52

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F-16C BLOCK 52


Scale 1/72

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F-16C BLOCK 52

Scale 1/72

F-16C "Tigermeet" 2003 picture

The F-16 is regarded as on of the most universal fighter aircraft in the world. It offers an almost unlimited spectrum of operation. Successive and continuous development of the design has contributed heavily to this opening up even more mission profiles. F-16 Block 50/52 originated as “Wild Weasel”. It was designed to counter enemy air defence positions. For this purpose the aircraft are equipped with AGM-88 HARM missile and an electronic Target Locating System. It is the heaviest version of the aircraft with an empty weight of 8432 kg (18593 lbs). Almost all types of weapon in the USAF arsenal can be fitted to one the seven external weapons stations on the F-16. For the second “Tiger Meet of the Americas” in 2003 the F-16C of the 140th Fighter Squadron was painted in a very successful livery for which it received the award “Best Painted”.

– Engraved Panel Joints
– Detailed Cockpit and Ejection Seat
– Pilot Figure
– Detailed Undercarriage
– C-Tail Unit
– Large Air Intakes
– GE-229 Engine Nozzles
– 2 HARM Guided Weapons
– 2 LGB Bombs
– ECM Jamming Pod
– Pylons
– AIM 120 Guided Weapons
– Ventral and Wing Tanks

Super Decal Set depicting the F-16C Special Livery design for the “Tiger Meet of the Americas 2003”:
– F-16C Viper 87-0287 “Tiger Meet of the Americas 2003” 140th Fighter Squadron Colorado ANG – Cold Lake 2003

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